About Us

In a few short years since inception, B. Mori & Co. has flourished into being the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of designer textiles, wall coverings and trimmings.

Because of our distinguished reputation, B. Mori & Co. has an impressive track record in serving elite hospitality and interior design firm’s worldwide with professional supports in various areas and stages of their projects. We cordially invite you to visit our showroom and encourage you to speak with one of our associates.

Let B. Mori & Co. be the premier destination for all your design needs.


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Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, Macau
Beijing Pan Gu Residences
Beijing Kun Lun Hotel
Beijing Xue Dan Women’s World Fitness Club
Chengdu Show Room
Crown Casino Australia
Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai
Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou
Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo
Four Seasons Hotel Budapest
Four Seasons Hotel Amman
Four Seasons Hotel Chicago
Lu Villa, Shenzhen Residence
Los Angeles Mile Stone Museum
MGM Resorts International
Okura Hotels & Resorts, Taipei
Sandalwood Private Resort, Shanghai
Shanghai Forest Manor
The Peninsula, Hong Kong
The Peninsula, Shanghai
Wynn Design and Development
Xi Jiao Guesthouse, Shanghai Hotel
B.Mori Silk Production

Bombyx Mori, the Latin name of the silk producing caterpillar that feeds on mulberry leaves is the inspiration for B. Mori & Co. Its cocoon is the source of the fine white silk which we cultivate and weave in our textiles. Illustrated in the video is the amazing process of how silk is created from the cocoon of the silk worm. The process of reeling the filament of silk strands to the weaving of the silk yarn, are beautifully shown in this video. The video is filmed directly from our facilities in Asia.